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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Old friends and new ones

Remember this? The "Weekend Wonder"?

(See this post in case you need to refresh your memory.)

Remember it started out like this during the Crochet Olympics?

Well, that's as far as it got during that whole event. Some weekend wonder, huh? I had so much other garbage going on at the time and in the period just after that I just ignored the sweater until last week.

And this is my progress last week. I managed to complete the back. Not bad, huh? I just hope it's not too wide for me. I usually wear size XS or S and I suspect this is a medium. Well, time will tell after I complete the front panels and sew the pieces together. In all, I'm quite pleased so far.

In other ventures, I've decided on my next project. This came to me during a chance visit to Lewiscraft last week. For those who haven't heard the news or visited Lewiscraft lately, all stores are closing...even the website has been shut down. A true shame as there are no Canadian craft store chains now. So sad. I purchased the
pattern booklet and the yarn, Patons Brilliant, on clearance and at an additional 7% off due to my Lewiscrafter membership. Although I love this as a poncho, ponchos are on their way out. So, I've decided I'll knit one panel only but double its length to make it a wrap instead. I'm hoping it'll work!

And lastly, this free gift was included with an issue of Simply Knitting Magazine I purchased not long ago. I forgot all about them until I cleared out my knitting/crochet/yarn/needle/hook caddy after we moved. Aren't these labels great! Sooo much better than the usual "Knitted by Nana" type labels I've found here. The magazine is really nice too, especially at the price paid (it's a UK mag thus typical import prices apply): great patterns, cool tips and not too much advertising. Plus, gotta love those Brits for including a free gift in every issue! At least it makes the price worth it!! I may consider a subscription one day.....


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