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Saturday, February 11, 2006

And the race has begun....

I was working yesterday during the Opening Ceremonies, so casting on had to wait until last night. Plus, I wanted to at least cast off the second footie for little Anthony before beginning another WIP....even one for the Knitting Olympics. And here the are, just waiting to be sewn up:

See the little hole that's been circled in red? Well, that's where I picked up a stich because I realized a bit too late that I had one stitch less than needed. That hole is just bugging me, so I'm contemplating frogging it to the end of the instep in order to figure out where I went wrong. Or maybe I'll do a kf&b increase....but won't that make the row go up? I don't know. Will figure that out later as I have lots of time. These look like they could fit a one-year old and Anthony will be only 3 months old in a couple of days.

As for the Knitting Olympics, here are all my supplies (for now) for the London Beanie. Gus chose the colours himself. Will be black with blue stripes in the middle. I'm trying this new yarn Lewiscraft is carrying...it's Starlette by Mary Maxim. I guess Mary Maxim is helping Lewiscraft out since Spinrite refuses to supply them with more yarn until they pay their huge account. Anyhoo, that's another tangent I don't feel like getting into right now. It's a nice soft yarn and cheap. I have yet to decide if I like working with it. Will figure that out soon. Funny how Gus thought it was ok to go by Lewiscraft last night to pick up yarn for what will be his hat, but when it comes to other projects, I have to use my stash. For the first time in ages, I had no argument from him last night! Figures. I also think I could eventually do him up another hat with the leftovers as well.

So I cast on the required 72 stitches last night and started the first row today. I'm already in trouble. Can't figure out why the first row isn't ending up right. Will check with Sherri and see. TG it's Saturday and I think I may have her all to myself on MSN or by phone unless she's doing laundry or something. ;-)

Lastly, I need to see if I need my head checked. Seriously. Two days ago, on whatever madness I was feeling (work does that to me), I joined the Crochet Olympics. Now, I ask myself: WHY??? But, I think it may all work out. The London Beanie is a nice small project, maybe leaving me with enough time to make this:

It's a lacy zip-up hooded sweater in chunky yarn. Found it in my Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine . It should be ok using some dark green shetland chunky...warm enough for the winter and feminine enough to wear with dress pants to work. I think this should work!


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