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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Name fun, Google-style

Go to Google.com (or .ca, or whatever), type in your name and the word “needs” beside it (not in quotes, mind you) and list the top 10 things that come up:

Maggie needs:

1.  an alibi

2.  a good home  (coming soon hopefully!)

3.  to be near Mom

4.  your prayers

5.  immediate help with the implementation of organizational tools  (how did they know???)

6.  more exercise

7,  to walk more

8.  help understanding possible future pitfalls that could arise   (oh, boy)

9.  another cheating fiancé  (oh my, I don’t think so…one cheating  boyfriend in the past was enough!)

10.  help fixing a short circuit in her computer  (not yet, hopefully…the new puter’s only a few weeks old!)

Here are some others that came up as well that gave me a good chuckle or at least made me think:

… to be in a more appropriate climate     (ain’t that the truth!)

… more space for all her mp3s    (maybe soon!)

… to learn how to respond to, or not respond to, people, dogs, and other stimuli

… a new home now  (I think someone’s trying to tell me something)

… a quiet home with no other animals or small children   (ah, a young mother’s dream!)

… a home with no previous training experience and no children under 12   (definitely a message is being broadcast)

… a home that is loving, calm and quiet   (I have all the loving…calm & quiet? Heaven!)

… national attention and publicity   (I wonder how that would work for me?)

… a life   (well put)

Disclaimer (and did you know…) Many of the statements above came from sites advocating support of an elephant named Maggie and of dogs who need adoption.  No harm was meant by using these statements.


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