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Monday, January 30, 2006


Already to a bad start this morning.

At 8 am, I got ticketed for not making a full stop at a stop sign. Bloody hell. Considering Gus always says to me: "Enough with the full stops!", (he's an impatient driver) I was very surprised when I got pulled over this morning. And to boot, I had the kids in the car. And buddy didn't even pull me over right away either. I saw him behind me at the next lights, but he didn't have his flashers on. We both turned left at the lights and I almost went through the next intersection when he put his cherries on and the cruiser made that strange duck sound. To be honest, I didn't think it was for me. But it was. Stupid. I decided to pull into the right lane and then he did too, which made me realize it was me he wanted. Why did it take him so long to pull me over? Was he debating with his pal beside him if it actually was a full stop or not? For this reason alone (and the $110 fine plus points), I'm taking this to court. He also saw I had two kids in the car but still took his sweet time filling out the ticket in his cruiser (and checking if I was some sort of criminal I bet). Bloody hell.


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