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Monday, September 26, 2005

Take the Canadian Quiz

I scored 17 out of 20:
Excellent! Are you sure you didn't write
"What Canadians Think About Almost Everything?"

Yah, right. It just means I pay attention to the news, read Maclean's or Canadian Living magazines once in a while (while on the subway ride to & from work of course) & sometimes give The Globe & Mail or The Toronto Star a passing thought when I have time. I am a Proud Canadian though and I really can't think of a better to place to live. We have it all, although we certainly take it for granted. That's for sure, eh? (Had to throw that in.)

Anyhow, I figure 17 out of 20 is a pretty good score for someone coming from Toronto, where we supposedly only think about ourselves and think we're on some high horse! LOL!! Believe it or not, I get that all the time during various phone conversations at work with associates from around Canada. The worst of it comes from Alberta or the East Coast. Trust me, I'd rather be elsewhere than here on many many many occasions!!!! People may think we're snobby here, but we're really not. Especially if you come from the burbs like I do. Those few who show no manners or seemingly act snobbish just make the rest of us look bad. Anyway, I think the same can be said about any big city...the hustle & bustle and stress of big city living just takes over. Myself, I'm trying to do less of that these days although it seems a constant battle....(and I'm not usually winning either.)


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