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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Boyz...

Can I brag? Aren't these the most adorable little sons a mother could ever ask for?

Lucas (the blond one) was 16 months old in this pic. He's now 18 months and every bit approaching the terrible twos. I call him my little Gangster...can charm the pants off you one moment, and the next...watch out!

Demetri, the charming older one, is 5 years old and is in Senior Kindergarten. (For those not in Toronto, kindergarten starts at 4 years old here -- that being Junior Kindergarten, aka "JK" -- and the next year it's Senior Kindergarten or "SK".) He's my saving grace that one. My angel.

This pic was taken on September 6, which was Demetri's first day of school. It's late getting posted because it was taken with a 35mm camera and the pics were waiting to be developed. I'm considering sending this one with our Christmas cards this year.


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