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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Never able to resist...

...buying something in a yarn shop.

After dropping off eldest son at his Greek School class on Tuesday afternoon, I decided to venture to the Wool Mill with the purpose of investigating and possibly buying yarn for a yet-to-be-decided-and-if-I-will-make-it wedding afghan for a wedding gift. I arrived there at 4:55 p.m. and there was a notice on the door saying "Be Back at 5:00". So, instead of hanging out in front of the door I ventured over to a hobby shop a few doors down. I picked up the 2006 Thomas the Tank Engine Yearbook for Demetri, a little wooden glider kit for Demetri for only $3.95 and the cutest little kit for me. Actually, it's a pencil case kit for little girls, but I thought it would be oh so cute for my hooks. Plus, it's pink and I like pink (like you couldn't tell).

After I paid the damage at the hobby store (which was under $20 by the way so pretty good in my eyes), I ventured back to the Wool Mill. Now, I didn't find what I wanted there however I did drool over a gorgeous wool/acrylic blend, but wouldn't dare purchase at $8.99 a ball when 20 balls are needed for a crocheted afghan! Yikes! Maybe for something else, but definitely not for an afghan...unless I decide to do a knitted one one day. Seriously, after that venture, I began to really rethink whether I should do the afghan or not. I may decide better after seeing what's been registered at The Bay. BTW, I was asked to be matron-of-honour at this wedding so you can understand how special this is for me...the bride-to-be, my friend Sue, is one of my oldest and closest friends and this is such an honour. But, with the responsibilities of the bridal shower and girls' night out....plus dealing with my own brood, job-hunt and new job eventually, in addition to our future house-hunt, well, I think I'll have enough on my plate between now and September anyway. A lovely gift might do the trick instead.

Back to the topic in question. Now, after patting super nice aforementioned yarn, I found some nice little doo-dads and just had to splurge on myself. See pic below.

1) Super neat point protectors which came in a package of 4 for around $2
2) Needle & hook gauge I hadn't seen before (I seem to lose these to my children anyhow)
3) Very cute crochet hook case
4) 4.00mm circs for a future knitting project

(Super neat point protectors)

I've been wanting a crochet hook case for a while and even contemplated sewing or crocheting one because I was never happy with the ones I found out there. (The fabrics were all so tacky!) This one's definitely not tacky and just my style. Actually, I think Sherri will be jealous because of the lady-bugs. :) I must hide it from her! LOL! Oh and many many thanks to Sherri and sweet Janette at Wool-Tyme in Kingston, I now have a full set of Aero steel & aluminum crochet hooks...did I mention Aero hooks are my favourites? And so now I can keep them handy & nicely stored away in my adorable case! Yipee! And thanks again Janette for the order and thanks to Sherri to bringing them back from Kingston! SWAK to both!


  • At 4/15/2006 10:56:00 a.m., Anonymous stashaholic said…

    Me want ladybugs! And you didn't get one for me at all? (snif)

    I might have to wander over to Wendy's placey myself!

    Glad you like the AERO's. I like them a lot too, especially the smaller sized ones.


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