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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sick baby

Poor little Lucas has another cold and is a runny-nosed congested little mess.

Just a little darling while sleeping isn't he? Too bad those naps don't last too long....I thought to capture the moment while I could. Lately the only place where he will sleep peacefully & for a longer span is on my bed. I guess it smells like mommy. He also doesn't like it when I prop up the top of his mattress with a pillow to ease the congestion, so the best solution for now is this. Anything to give me a few moments peace.

I know....red sheets...but they're flannel and oh so soft & cozy for this cold weather. Our place is not well insulated and the windows let in a terrible draft so we bought these sheets around Christmas time. Gus picked the colour....deep red and NO pattern (he doesn't like many patterns, especially flowers).


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