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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The socks are....coming along!

When I told Sherri that I'd be knitting socks for The Knitting World Cup, she told me she's expecting a call when it comes time to turn the heel. Well Sherri....I did it! I turned the heel and didn't even tink once! See below:

I know, I know. The World Cup will be done on July 9 and I haven't even completed one sock yet. Well, I couldn't stand knitting with the 7" metal dpns (they just clanged too much) and I didn't have time to go to a yarn shop to pick up shorter needles because I had just started a new job (I actually had my eye on Bryspuns). Finally last week I went to The Knitting Basket in Bridlewood Mall in Scarborough...they didn't have any 5" Bryspun needles in stock at the time and not even the size I wanted in the 7" length. However, I was convinced by the nice (and smooth) saleslady to buy these really cool Swallow needles that are made out of milk casein. Easy to work with and no clang! I became a happy knitter!

I also frogged the sock I started. I didn't feel like doing up a sock made up in ribbing in the leg...it was just irritating me (maybe I was blaming my frustrations with the needles on the ribbing?) So, I changed to a slouch sock instead as featured on the cover of the same book. Just a short ribbed edging and then plain 'ol stockinette stitch all the way through.

And so, in a few short days I have progressed to over 1/2 way on the sock. Considering that the heel takes so much work and may not always be easy to figure out the first time, I will daresay that I'm 2/3 way through. ;) And hey, even if I only get the one sock done, this has been a huge experience for me…I know many a knitter that can’t get past the one-sock syndrome, so the fact that I’ve gotten thus far in the past 5 days is pretty good IMHO.

Oh, and about the Swallow needles, the saleslady at The Knitting Basket told me that Swallow has shut down and is no longer making these needles. She told me to be careful as they do break. Which means I have to keep these out of the rugrats' hands....and buy up as many of these needles that I can while I can. Feeling sorry for the yarn/knitting/crochet budget right now!!!

Oh, and token child picture. Taken today. So cute (JMHO).

Monday, July 03, 2006

Recent FO's & Exchange Items

Ok, I'm a little behind on posting. Since I started my new job on June 12, I just haven't had the energy to sit down and update my blog.

To keep you a bit up-to-date, here are some photos of some recent work.

This is a stroller blanket I made for my friend's little baby as part of his gift for his baptism. I used my friend Sherri's Brain Dead Afghan pattern. To be honest, it actually planned to make it bigger, but time contraints dictated that I finish off at the point I did. I added a scallop border to finish it.

Next, I was farting around with some baby sport cotton and made this bib using a free pattern from the Bernat site. All it needs is a cute button to finish. I'll be keeping this on the side for the next time a little girl is born.

My favourite online crochet group/list is Happyghan. The next two photos are the exchange items I made & sent to my partner for the last Happyghan Kitchen Exchange.

All the patterns were found online as follows:

Finally, these hot pads are what I received from my partner. These are the first crocheted hot pads I've ever owned. (Growing up in my house we didn't have crocheted kitchen items so a lot of the items I receive or make are new to me.)