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Friday, November 30, 2007

Baby, baby!

Not so recently, I came across the Mossy Jacket pattern on one of the lists I'm on. I just couldn't resist saving it. Soon thereafter, I learned that my sister Leah is pregnant with her first baby (Yay!!!) and so I decided to make it for this little bundle of spring joy -- or Baby-B as I like to secretly call him/her (B represents my sister's married name).

And so, during a trip to The Purple Purl's grand-opening on November 15, I chose this yummy yarn (Mission Falls 1824 Wool) in these yummy colours (Thyme for the main colour & Spice for the trim...much like the pattern photo itself!)

Well, I've never used this wool before and I've come to realize that it's as soft as a dream. A lovely, supersoft merino wool that's just perfect to keep a baby warm and not itchy nor scratchy at all! My hands aren't complaining, that's for sure! And it's superwash to boot, which is perfect for any mom, new or otherwise! The only thing is that it's not tightly plied, so it can split, but it just means taking a little extra care when knitting, that's all.

My progress on the little cardi has been pretty good considering I'm not knitting as often as I'd like. After a couple of phone calls to my friend Sherri (who knew internet patterns would be so hard to read?), I'm just going along just fine...so far. I've learned that you have to read some of these patterns like they're being spoken to you. Then it all hits home. So, here is the front progress, as of last Friday. And just below is the back. I've done more since, and will take pics tomorrow.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I've since changed my mind on who will be the recipient of this little garment. My good friend Sue is having a little boy (Baby-TC) around Jan 15, and so I'm thinking it will go to him instead...my progress is pretty good and I may even be able to make a couple extra little things for him too! (I know, I'm being ambitious again...more to come about that later.) For Baby-B, I'm thinking I may make the same in a different colour, or maybe choose another pattern altogether. Baby-B isn't due to arrive until the first week of May, so I have lots of time... ;)


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