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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well, as you know, I'm done the back on the Weekend Wonder. Now I'm around 24 rows into the one front panel. I don't know why though, but this pattern is starting to bore me a bit. Well, not bore me....I like it, but I need full attention to concentrate on it which I don't have lately especially with the two monkeys (I mean kids) at my feet and generally not sleeping well these days.

On the knitting side, I've picked up the Leaf-Edged Bolero from Knit Bits. I'm using Shine Sport, a really nice & soft blend of 60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal. Orchid colour. I've done around 20 rows of the back so far since yesterday...yeah, I'm a slow knitter but hey at least my tension's muuuuuch better now, thanks to mastering circs. I also learned a new stitch M1. I knew how to do KFB but not M1. Silly, isn't it? Oh well. I'll be learning some other stitches that are new to me with this pattern. This will be my first knitted "full-size" garment and it will be all for me! Yay!


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