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Monday, January 07, 2008

Organization, on it's way!

Well, it's already a great start to the New Year! This was on sale at Canadian Tire, and hubby graciously picked it up for me. It's the Project Organizer by Sauder. Yes, an organizer. Finally...

And here's a close-up of what it will look like after we assemble it (the next step, of course). A crafter's dream!

And where will this baby go? Right here, in my corner of the spare room in the basement.

Originally, this room was to be for me and my stuff. My own craft room. Ah, I had dreams for it. But this was not to be. We changed our minds and decided to make my dream room a playroom...in which I could have a wall and a corner for my stuff. The stuff is in the picture (don't worry, there is more... around 5 more photocopy boxes full of things, all in the next room and two garbage bags full of yarns in the closet -- the big bins in the corner are full of yarns too.) Anyhoo, in addition to the vintage night table (the one with the orange bottom), the filing cabinet, and a small bookcase (unless the kids take that over too), this project organizer should help me a lot. And help me feel like I have some real space of my own in that room too! :)

So, my more realistic dream of organizing all my stash may soon be a reality. It's enough to make a girl just....well, enough said. ;)


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